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A Magical Day

I’ve shared all the drama that has been going on in my life in the last 2 blogs. I have completely moved on but I thought I would share the amazing, wonderful, special, and dare I say even magical day I had at Disney today.

Disney fanatics know that we, as cast members, get to experience some things that guests simply can’t for the sake of preserving the magic. Many of our experiences can be purchased in one way or another, like the Keys to the Kingdom Tour that takes you through the utilidoors/tunnels of MK. But a rare one that guests don’t really get to see is Space Mountain… with the lights on! Yes there are instances that have been filmed and put on YouTube so you can definitely search that if you want to see.

We rode Space and had 30 min until park open, we decided to linger to people watch in TomorrowLand and see the mad dash of people running in which I wish I had filmed because it was honestly hilarious. After we watched the people get marched into TomorrowLand we realized this may be our only chance ever to be able to have a Carousel of Progress room all to ourselves. And being cast members, of course we love the typical favorites like Pirates and Haunted Mansion but there is something about the chill rides that show Disney history and the laid back side of a Disney trip. We managed to get one of our favorite rides all to ourselves–with a little help from a wonderful cast member who chained the room off for us… sorry guy coming up the ramp, you got your own room too right?

After a few hours of napping we went to Disney Springs for dinner and had full plans to go straight home… but ended up at Hollywood Studios… When we got to Hollywood we needed a little assistance from Guest Relations because the app was rejecting ALL attempts for fast passes (see guests it doesn’t work for us either). After a great conversation with an amazing GR representative we walked away with a couple fast passes and only an hour to get them in. We were optimistic and overly confident in our challenge. We failed miserably at getting to the couple fast passes because Tower of Terror went down after we got off of Rockin’ Rollercoaster. We decided to wander into the new Incredibles section that is in Pixar Place, which was beyond cute. We meandered into Andy’s backyard and settled on Toy Story Mania to get my roommate some practice for when she is in Disneyland ;).

After all the crazy things that have happened in the last 48 hours I was so ready for today. Unplanned and a lot of fun. Ending with a glass of wine and a Mickey ice cream sandwich is quite literally one of the best days I have had in a long time.

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