Truly, Something Magical

Mid March 2020

If you care about Disney at all, you’ve definitely heard about the park (and resort) closures. You may have heard that, unfortunately, Disney made the hard decision to send the College Program participants home early. These hardworking heart and soul of the Walt Disney Company were devastated by the news and they also devastated their co-magic makers in the process. But in all this sadness and uncertainty I don’t think anyone can deny the magic of Disney. Hear me out:

There is something magical about a place that can bring together people from all over the world. Something incredible about the bonds we make with people after just a short time living, working, and having fun with them. I made friends from literally all over the world, most of which I have lost the communicate every day thing but I know these people still care and I definitely still care for them. They still like all my Disney pictures and beg me to fly over seas to see them. They still wish me happy birthday and dream of the day they get to come back “home” as a guest themselves. These are people I will never forget and some of them I’ve known years, some I had just had the privilege of meeting before their program ended. And eventually when I do get to visit: Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Thailand, China, Japan, and Germany I know there are people to show me the best there is to be offered.

There is something magical about a place that brings out the desire to make others happy. All cast members on in the Walt Disney Company truly want our guests to have a truly memorable and magical stay. We want them to enjoy our favorite part of the parks and we want them to remember there is only ONE Mickey. We do our best to keep the magic alive, but we all have our bad days. College Programs have to end, some are longer than others but eventually they all end. And we always need new people because it helps keep the magic alive. CPs are innocent with a pure love of Disney and learning all they can.  When I’m in the parks sometimes I wonder how many of my fellow park goers are also fellow magic makers.  I am not convinced that half of the occupancy on any given day isn’t made of Cast Members reminding ourselves why people love our home so much.

Yes, we know our guests miss the parks, resorts, restaurants, and magic but remember we are missing our homes.  DVC members own our resorts and we ask them what their home resort is, the same applies to CMs and maybe even more… you’ve been staying here for years but I’ve been coming here every day and find a way to be excited by the magic a little more each time.  I think the best example of pure joy and love for my job was hearing a clomping sound coming down the hall and being very confused only to have Donald Duck turn the corner and be just as excited to see me as I was to see him—and that was a backstage experience!

But you, you know that there is something Truly magical about this place… or you wouldn’t have read this far 🙂

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