Life Worth Living

Mama Bear

From the time we are born our parents are protective of us. They don’t want us to be hurt, scared, or crying ever. I don’t think I ever really realized how protective my mama was until I was crippled with fear over a snake in the basement (seriously I still walk in the basement looking in the beams).

All my life I have been afraid of spiders, snakes, the dark when I was a kid–the usual. But my mom was always super woman. Unstoppable and not afraid of anything–or at least that’s how I saw her. I remember nights that I would wake up in the middle of the night unable to get out of my bed from fear of something would grab me. That’s a pretty standard kid fear, right? Well I had a pretty not standard way of handling it. Bless my mama for coming up the stairs in the dark to the kid who would literally sit up and yell “MAMA” until she appeared. Mama, I’m sorry for that one…

Most little kid fears fade away and for the most part I can kill my own spiders. But when I’m with Mama I know I don’t have to… sure when she finds a spider she still screams and calls for my dad to come get it. It took me until I was about 20 to realize that my mom has a serious fear of spiders (stemmed from jumping spiders that you would go to wack and they would jump! and a lot of the time, at YOU). But somehow she never has an issue killing them for her baby that is no longer a baby at all.

Sure these are simple things and don’t show the fierceness of a bear. But overcoming fears for someone else is definitely way more impressive than just attacking someone for coming near.

I love you Mama, so much I let you wear your fanny-pack

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