Visitors and the DCP

Hey guys! It has been a hot minute since I've written and I was considering writing about my favorite things that have happened, Hurricane Ride Out Crew, food and wine, or the halloween party... then I realized most of these things happened when my parents came to visit.  I will still probably write about all… Continue reading Visitors and the DCP

Midnight Thoughts

It Must be Exhausting being that Angry all the Time

In light or rather darkness of what is happening in Charlottesville (and if you don't know, hate groups are committing racially charged horrendous crimes (aka being racist a**hats)) I have been laying awake thinking about all the reactions more than the actions themselves.  And unfortunately I think that these extremists are getting just the reaction… Continue reading It Must be Exhausting being that Angry all the Time


The 10 Friends You Make at the DCP

 1. Your Clone (s)he's like you in EVERY single way, down to the fact that you both like the same Disney princess and both took Italian at your school.   And if you're lucky, they're your roommate!       2. The NICEST person you have EVER met  this person bends over backwards to make… Continue reading The 10 Friends You Make at the DCP


What to Expect at Check-In

So you have finally made it to Florida, WELCOME HOME!!  Here is what you need to know about the check-in process at the DCP.   You will be checking in at your complex, which is a new feature, no more hunting down another complex to then find out you have to go to a different… Continue reading What to Expect at Check-In


What to Wear to…Traditions

The most frequently asked question (behind what to bring in general) is "what do I wear to traditions?!" Worry not my fellow new DCP's!  Years of strict professors requiring business casual have prepared me for just this moment, and brought me here in your time of need! The simple answer is, wear what you would… Continue reading What to Wear to…Traditions


Mickey Ear Collection

I have made so many Mickey Ears, it's a problem... somehow I managed to keep only 6, GO ME!  (The maleficent ones are my newest and they have green lights that go all around the ears and the horns) I share these with my roommates too, because I'm nice 😛 The yellow wire ones are… Continue reading Mickey Ear Collection


What’s In My Park Bag

Hey ya'll! This is my Disney Park Bag, the only thing missing is the small hair brush I usually keep in here but I took with me on a trip and lost it... oops! What's inside: -sunscreen- this one is from target SPF 30, pretty self explanatory... the Florida sun is HOT, protect yourself!  (I… Continue reading What’s In My Park Bag