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“Hey! I heard you work for Disney”

I woke up to a Cast Member's worst nightmare the other day. The dreaded Facebook Message from a friend of a friend "hey, I heard you work for Disney". I prepped myself as I read the preview and opened the message ready to say "so sorry I have no tickets to give". And to my… Continue reading “Hey! I heard you work for Disney”


Focus on the Positive

When you work in hospitality, you get a lot of "good" guest stories. You know, like the guest who is determined to order a "Bacon Cheese Burger, without the bacon and cheese" *rings up hamburger* "NO I ORDERED A BACON CHEESE BURGER NO BACON OR CHEESE". The person who demands something special for a birthday… Continue reading Focus on the Positive

Midnight Thoughts

Buy the Daggum $9 Coffee

It seems almost weekly I am scrolling through Facebook or Instagram and see something about how traveling makes us happier or more fulfilled. There's usually a really tan girl excitedly showing off her bikini or her floppy hat. They often have some math on the clickbait that makes you feel guilty for buying your Starbucks… Continue reading Buy the Daggum $9 Coffee

DCP, How to be a Good Disney Guest, Tips & Tricks

A First Visit on a Time Crunch

The other day I met some guests who were visiting Disney World for the first time! Yay! Ok ok, that happens every single day... but what doesn't happen every day is someone who hasn't planned anything and wants to do everything! These ladies had 2 days in Disney World (1 in between at Universal). Money… Continue reading A First Visit on a Time Crunch