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4 Days in Orlando

Disney with Besties

Hey ya’ll, when my best friends came to visit me they asked me to do all the planning (which of course I LOVED).

Here are a few details not included in the spreadsheet:

Hotel: Allstar Music Resort

Dining plan: yes, Disney Dining Plan (2017, which did not include alcohol, the 2018 plan does include 1 alcoholic beverage with each meal)

Time of visit: Dec 10-15 including their travel days (the spreadsheet reflects this due to the “Very Merry Christmas Party” **always check what parties may be closing the parks early and plan accordingly**

Parks visited: all 4 Disney, plus Universal Orlando (Universal was much more random due to my lack of knowledge and my friend’s sensitivities to 3D rides (which Universal has an abundance of)).

These plans were not followed strictly as I had to work some while they were here but all in all, we had a BLAST! 🙂IMG_1289


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