Midnight Thoughts

Professional Life Motivation


In my 8 years of working (I’ve been working since I was 15-summer jobs as a teenager, part-time college jobs, my current full time gig), I have found there are 3 types of people:

  1. Happy where they are – some people are simply happy where they are.  They love what they do, love their company, love the people (fellow employees and customers alike) and they love the consistency.  These are the people who may not or handle change at all and enjoy the same routines day to day.  They’re the masters at their craft and they love to be sought out when people are new because it really makes them feel valued.  These are also sometimes the people who micromanage the 3rd type
  2. Stuck and Scared – some people are just stuck where they are, they don’t like their job, they don’t like doing the same thing everyday but they don’t know how to do anything else.  Sometimes their education has kept them from progressing and sometimes it was the lack of drive to move up at the right time.  Some of these people are stuck because they have families to support and they don’t want to take a very risky move in their work life.  They did enjoy being the masters at their craft at first, but now they’re just tired of being there and honestly bring down moral more often than not because everyone can tell they’re not happy to be there.  They have learned all they can from the job, but they just can’t/won’t leave.
  3. UP and OUT- these people have learned all they can from their current job situation and are ready to take that information to the next level in their careers.  They’re driven, not good at being micromanaged, enjoy a challenge and freedom to figure out other/better ways to do the job (it may be a short cut but if it doesn’t cut back on the quality– and possibly improves it!– whats the big deal??).

Being with a company for 20 plus years was a goal for previous generations, but for Millennials (as a majority) we have found little draw in a company offering a ceiling salary for a retirement plan.  Half of it is just because we have come to accept retirement may not really be a thing we can do to exist in our older years and half because staying in one place FOREVER doesn’t really sound fun.  Now, of course I do not speak for ALL millennials, there will always be people who prefer to stay close to their home town and plant roots without really ever leaving.  Perhaps it is just our exposure to and vocalization on the internet that makes us appear more likely to sell everything and live in a converted school bus traveling the United States.  Perhaps our parents were also as adventurous as we are, they just never got the chance.  With the average age of marriage in the US being 27 now compared to 22 in 1980 or 20 in 1950, we are taking our time to get to know ourselves and learn our world more than our ancestors ever had the chance to.  Maybe we are just afraid of being on the wrong end of the 50% that get divorced… but that is a rant for another time.

My motivations:

  1. NO MORE Costumes!- as a current Walt Disney Company cast member, they are called costumes but for everyone else, they’re uniforms.  Whatever you call them, I detest having to wear the same clothes (that not only someone, generally with little style, picked out) every single day I work.  I really do not care for unflattering fits and colors.  It is a personal motivation every time I go to an event I need to wear business causal or professional–I LOVE my power suits!  Heck I feel powerful, mature, respected, and so very ready for life every time I pull that blazer out of my closet and slide it around a floral tank top.
  2. Puppies – wow I sound like a sappy facebook post here… but I REALLY REALLY REALLY want a dog!  I put off getting a dog in college because I worked and took a lot of classes and it would have NOT been fair to a poor puppy to only see me a couple hours before bed.  I put off getting a dog to come to the Disney College Program because it -was- a 7 month program and I did not want to attempt to find a lease outside of Disney housing for 7 months.  I have since extended my program and will finish right before the year mark–either way it was easiest for me to not attempt other housing that would be appropriate for a dog.  Not only can I not really afford to get a dog right now (and I mean like shelter pup).  But unfortunately even though I am working so much I just do not have the money I feel it would require to  give my pup the life it should have with toys, fluffy beds, and treats.  I also can’t really afford to buy dog food… I’m struggling to buy me food sometimes right now!
  3. Challenges and a Change – Now, I am somewhat afraid of change, but honestly who isn’t?  I love the idea of new challenges and that comes with big changes that I have to be willing to accept.  I was the kid that everyone was shocked was able to leave home even an hour and a half away for college, so when I made the decision to apply for Disney’s College Program, everyone was shocked I applied to be in either California or Florida’s programs.  Now clearly Florida is MUCH closer to home but California would have been an awesome challenge I would love to embrace at some point.  The most important thing I learned about myself working the past 8 years was, I do not do well doing the same thing EVERY SINGLE DAY.  I enjoy changes and challenges in my work.  Sure, I get super nervous and I am generally very sleep deprived before an interview or first day at a new location, and I do NOT enjoy training periods.  Training periods make me feel like a failure, I often feel I will never figure it out and I’ll be stuck here forever… then months later I find myself bored with what I was scared I would never learn.  But I excel at being set free, in being empowered to make my guests happy, in making sure my job is done well and quickly so I can do something else.

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