How to be a Good Disney Guest

Memory Maker

Is Disney Memory Maker worth getting for your Disney vacation?

Here are the monetary logistics: If you purchase Memory Maker before you arrive it costs $149 if you purchase after you arrive it will cost you $169 and you can access photos from 30 days before, collect pictures for 30 days, and see all of them for 60 days after it has expired.

But should YOU buy it for your vacation? The answer is: maybe…

memory maker


PhotoPass_Visiting_AK_8098854374If your family is the type to goof off and take really funny ride pictures, it is always better to have that good picture without the logos or the poor quality from taking a picture of the screen with your phone.  But recently there have been pictures added to rides and there are no screens to view the pictures they just attach to your my disney experience later!

PhotoPass_Visiting_AK_404897541030I love this pic of me and Tink chillin, but between you and me she’s not really there.  This just one of the cool animations they can add to your pictures if you use Memory Maker (so if you have a photo pass cast member ask you to look scared or stick out your thumb, go along with it and you’ll probably love what you get).26757987_10211064512144382_1041900779334952688_o


If you can let loose and ditch the standard stand up straight and smile pictures I can almost guarantee you will enjoy your vacation pictures more than if you just get 40 pictures of the saaaaame thing just with a different background.  I ended up looking like I was getting kidnapped here which makes it one of my mom’s favorite pictures from that trip.

I personally have no examples for the last one, but my mom has enjoyed using the frame editing and text editing allowed when you have memory maker.  When you go to download your photos on a computer you can select from many boarders that fit the time or location your photo is in.

Now for the do NOT purchase:

20431339_10209879151991119_1531991351689814869_nThough you are more than welcome to take pictures at Character meals and all of Disney’s famous walls (purple, bubble gum, tooth paste) you have to keep in mind many of these will not be offered with memory maker.  I have MANY purple wall photos and all of them were either taken by friends, friendly passers by, and my personal favorite was when I put the timer on and sat it on top of a trash can. If you plan to do all character meals there are just not many that offer pictures with photo pass.



Though I LOVE character meals, this picture is GREAT proof of how having a friend take a picture may not work out.

** If you are a cast member some have found it worth it to purchase an Annual pass so they can use the photo pass, since purchasing Memory Maker several times can end up costing you more than purchasing an Annual.**

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