What to Wear to…Traditions

The most frequently asked question (behind what to bring in general) is “what do I wear to traditions?!”

Worry not my fellow new DCP’s!  Years of strict professors requiring business casual have prepared me for just this moment, and brought me here in your time of need!

The simple answer is, wear what you would wear to a job interview or to church with your 85 year old grandmother. But I know, this doesn’t give the most comforting answer.  Especially after befriending many ICP’s I learned that “business casual” and “business professional” mean different things to different countries.  Additionally, something to keep in mind while you’re picking your outfit is comfort.  As you have probably heard, you walk around Magic Kingdom at Traditions.  Keep this in mind for both shoes and temperature.  It is generally cold in the class room at Disney University and rather warm outside in Florida.  Wear sweaters or blazers in the classroom and worn in dress shoes that you know will be comfortable walking around MK for about an hour.

For guys its simple: wear a suit in solid colors.  Match your shoes and your belt color and do NOT wear informal shoes such as Sperry’s.  Now technically, Disney says you are allowed to wear business casual, which basically means you can skip the tie, but the jacket is still required.  for more information CLICK HERE

For ladies, I know this is never simple, with many different standards of what is appropriate through: fashion, our up bringing, and what we see people wear on TV to professional events.  Let’s begin from the bottom up.

Shoes: Comfort is KING of what you should consider going to traditions, but that does not mean they will allow any sandals (of ANY kind).  Your shoes should be formal, closed toe (peep toe maybe) with no holes or too much bling.  Again, no Sperry’s (Toms, work out shoes, and flip flops are all NOT appropriate for business attire).  I do suggest flats (with support) for all the walking you will have to do.

Pardon my shoes in the middle, clearly they are well loved!

Pants: Dress slacks should sit on the ankle if they are a skinnier leg and cover the top of the foot if they are a straight leg.  Black, light tan, and khaki are all acceptable colors.

Skirts: skirts should “cover enough skin”.  Tighter skirts should cover most of the thigh or past the knee.  Loose fitting skirts can be longer or shorter as long as they appear professional.

Dresses: Dresses will be your best friend if you are a business dressing novice.  Most sun dresses (that are not t-shirt material) are acceptable.  MINIMAL cleavage should show, high neck lines are preferred.  If you wish to not have to wear a sweater or a blazer the sleeves must at least cover the top of your shoulders or follow the “3 inch/index card” rule.  Hem lines must reach around the knee (on either side of the knee).


Sweaters or Blazers: sweaters and blazers are great tools to not only keep you warm in the cold classroom, but to bring an outfit to the professional side.  Darker solid colors are necessary especially if the dress or shirt has a colorful pattern.

**both of the dresses shown above are NOT appropriate alone because of the straps, they both have high necklines and low hems it is ONLY the straps that make them inappropriate. By adding a cardigan or a blazer both make an excellent choice for Traditions!**


This sweater is long and relaxed, AND it has pockets!!

Jewelry: SIMPLE.  Less is more.  It’s cliche, but avoid loud jewelry.  Stud earrings, only one set if you have multiple holes.  1 ring (outside of wedding and engagement rings).  Small necklaces that sit high on the chest.  1 or 2 small bracelets.  All of these are acceptable for business attire and follow the Disney Look, however please do NOT wear all of these together.  If you wear rings, maybe skip the bracelets.  If you wear the bracelets, maybe skip the necklace.

Headwear: Glasses should be solid and the stems should match the front.  No bandanas or hats should be worn.  And hair colors should be natural.  You may wish to have your sunglasses with you for the MK portion.  Sunglasses should also follow the solid color rule and the lenses should be light enough for others to see your eyes and may not be mirrored.

Makeup: Makeup should be natural, with just simple enhancements including maybe lipstick and a little mascara.  Of course foundations and blushes are allowed as well just avoid excessive eye makeup, as it is generally not acceptable.

For more information CLICK HERE

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