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What’s In My Park Bag

fullsizeoutput_1d01.jpegHey ya’ll!

This is my Disney Park Bag, the only thing missing is the small hair brush I usually keep in here but I took with me on a trip and lost it… oops!

What’s inside:

-sunscreen- this one is from target SPF 30, pretty self explanatory… the Florida sun is HOT, protect yourself!  (I also keep aloe vera in the fridge in case I do get burned for fast relief if I do get burned!)

-body wipes- these are by TRUBEAUTY, scented like roses I picked up at TJ Maxx.  When you’re hot and sweaty walking around the parks and you smell B.O. you can rest easy knowing it isn’t you if you can wipe down real quick. (plus sometimes they can help cool you down!)

-body spray- this one is from Victoria’s Secret, “Wild in Pink”… for when those wipes don’t give you as much piece of mind the B.O. isn’t from you.

-deodorant- this one is a degree motion sense, it is just my personal preference, put yours in the bag!  Though I use the deodorant more for friction purposes rather than B.O. because deodorant is prevention and if you need it, you need the wipes first.  But I use the deodorant for when you get friction burn on your feet from walking so much and for the lack of thigh gap rubbing together.  I’m in shape, but my thighs still touch and when they do I don’t want the unsightly red bumps, deodorant helps them slide side by side with ease 🙂

-hand sanitizer- this one was a pick up from a register, but yeah you know what you need hand sanitizer for!

-chapstick- I have a Burt’s Bees and a Victoria’s Secret lip gloss

-phone charger- phones die quickly at Disney, all the pictures and using the app to check wait times, making reservations, and fast passes it is SO important to have a charger available!  I ordered mine from Amazon, and raved about it in another post so I won’t bore you here, just share the link: phone charger it is currently $20! (or you can do the $30 trade for a charged option through Disney, check my Top 15 Things to Bring to The DCP

-cable- for the charger, so it has a purpose 🙂

-umbrella- it rains A LOT in Florida, so may as well get a cute umbrella!  I picked up mine at Stein Mart

-plastic bags to hold it all- I keep my spray, wipes, deodorant, and sunscreen in one gallon zip lock bag to make A. finding things easier, B. bag check go faster.  I also keep my umbrella in a bag so that when it rains I have somewhere to put it without all my stuff getting wet.

-hair brush- I like the wet brush, they make a mini version and it is fantastic!

-daily adds: snacks and drinks, everyday at bag check I get a funny look from the person checking my bag because there are usually at least 4 snacks in there! Hey, we all know Disney food and drinks are expensive!  Save some money and make it a little more healthy by filling up your park bag and snacking in line 🙂

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