What to Expect at Check-In

So you have finally made it to Florida, WELCOME HOME!! 

Here is what you need to know about the check-in process at the DCP.  

You will be checking in at your complex, which is a new feature, no more hunting down another complex to then find out you have to go to a different one–YAY!!

Make sure you have your itinerary and your DORMS boarding pass PRINTED. A super helpful person will meet you before you even get in the door and make sure you have all your paperwork so save yourself the trouble and have it ready (and bonus points when it’s in a folder). You will need both of these at check-in as per Disney’s instructions. If you brought a car (that you intend to have on property) have your proof of insurance, license, and registration … like you just got pulled over for speeding (which by the way, Florida recently released a new speeding initiative where they are stopping A LOT more people so be cautious, especially on highways). Once they have checked that you have your paperwork they will allow you to the next step which is to have your picture taken for your housing ID, don’t worry it is only from the shoulders up so you don’t have to dress super nice–just make sure you look presentable so you won’t HATE your picture that you will be looking at for the next 3-6 months!

You will be given your keys and I can not remember if you were given your housing guide with maps and the bus schedule now or when you show your paperwork.  Regardless, you should be prepared to have it on you for the next day or 2.

Once you have taken your picture, if you have a car you will be asked to go to another station where you will get your parking pass. It is recommended that you pay for this and fill out the preliminary paperwork on DORMS before you arrive to make this go so much faster. (While I was in the line waiting for my pass I was brought my housing ID, it goes VERY quickly).

Once you have been given your ID, keys, packet, and parking pass–make your way to your new home!  While you’re waiting to meet your roommates, get acquainted with the apartment but I suggest that you hold off claiming spaces before everyone is there to avoid resentment. ESPECIALLY, if you’re in a 3 person room. You’re probably not going to be the favorite roommate if you walk in claim the best spaces by throwing your stuff on the bed and drawers you want and leaving. Have the uncomfortable conversations now and avoid the fights later!

All apartments look different and all roommates are different.  Just talk it out. 

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