Top 15 Things to Bring to The DCP

This is the list of what to bring Disney recommends

This is my list 1 month into my program: I will share more when I’ve been here longer.

  • Your Car- If you plan on bringing a car make sure you pay for the pass (where you request housing) before your arrival.  And though the busses are pretty reliable and can get you most places (for free with your housing ID) I do recommend bringing a car.  Depending on where you’re working, there may not be as many busses that run that route and you could be sitting for a long time waiting for the next one.  Once you go through traditions, you can use your blue ID to get free parking at all the parks and at work.  Additionally if you are a target shopper (over Walmart) the busses don’t go to target! (horrible I know!)
  • A keychain Wallet- This has been one of my favorite things that I brought because you will have many cards that you are required to have on you at all times (beside the standard driver’s license or a credit card, you will have a blue ID, housing ID, and lastly your park ticket card!) check this one out on amazon:
  • Sunglasses- a good pair of sunglasses is incredibly necessary in Florida.  But make sure they are within the Disney Look: Disney Look Eyewear try the classic Aviator from Ray Ban: Aviators if you go through an eye doctor for a pair of prescription, insurance will often help with the cost!
  • umbrella- umbrellas are a life saver here in Florida, in a month we have only had 3 days with no rain… you can find umbrellas pretty much anywhere, but make sure it comes with a bag to put it in when it is raining and your umbrella will be going in your bag, check this one out on Amazon: 
  • portable phone charger- now there are a few options here, Disney offers a charger “program” where you rent one for the length of your stay and return it to the store each time it is dead for a new one fully charged!  The cost is $30, check out the details here Disney Portable Battery I personally have a personal one that I love for $20 (originally $100) from Amazon: it has 2 ports and claims to be strong enough to charge an iPhone 7 about 5 times, but it has charged mine fully 8 times.  It’s only downside is the device itself charges slowly, it takes about 12 hours to charge fully, but if you plug it up the night before you need it you’re good to go!

  • kitchen stuff- I’m sure you’ve accumulated your fair share of kitchen stuff, but if you have not Big Lots, TJ Maxx, and the dollar store are great resources to help you acquire the stuff you will need.
  • bring one of your favorite cups be it yeti or a tumbler
  • blender
  • crock pot
  • coffee maker
  • mixing bowls and rubber spatulas
  • hand and dish towels
  • Tupperware
  • lunch box
  • knifes
  • pot holders
  • book bag- or any larger bag you’re comfortable carrying through parks because you will neeeeeed a PARK BAG (draw string bags work nicely as well)
  • command hooks! just like your college dorm room, no holes in the walls!
  • pictures and frames, you’re going to want a reminder of home
  • blankets and pillows for the living room
  • tv- I have 2 roommates and I was the only one who brought a TV and apple tv, and it has been GREAT to have
  • lamps – the harsh florescent light is very unpleasant and depressing, I had lamps sent from home and it is so much nicer to come home to
  • timer- having a timer on the lamp in the entry has been great for those of us with late night shifts, it sucks to come in to a dark house!
  • twin bedding- Bring your dorm bedding if you still have it but otherwise invest in the mattress cover and foam topper we ordered mine on amazon and had it shipped to me here in Florida  My bedding was $30 from BigLots
  • fan – box fan or smaller, whatever you prefer, just one that makes noise! White noise will keep you from wanting to strangle your roommates when someone has a 8 AM shift and you didn’t get home until 2 AM

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