The Ultimate DCP Packing List

*EDIT* Aug 1, 2019. Hey y’all, I wrote this packing list a couple months into my program in Aug of 2017. And since it is still my most read post, I decided to take a look and see if I would change anything with it. And honestly, I wouldn’t. I have had people tell me that it is a bit excessive but I think you should consider that I also am from South Carolina and drove down with my parents (so I had 2 cars to fill). I also had just graduated college at the time and had 3 years worth of stuff I just moved out of my college house. I moved to Florida with the plan of leaving after 7 months, so I did bring more than most (7 months is still quite some time) but also did not bring ALL of my belongings expecting to leave. I have since moved to FL permanently, and when I went home to decide what else was coming and what was staying I simply donated A LOT of clothes that either weren’t my style anymore or did not fit my new Florida life.

If you keep these factors in mind you can adjust this list to fit you!

This excel spreadsheet is a detailed list of everything I brought and have purchased while here at the Disney College Program! My program was 7 months (Fall advantage beginning in June and ending in January), I lived in a 3 person 1 bedroom in Chatham. My extension was an additional 4 months, living in Commons in a 5 person 2 bedroom.

Ultimate DCP packing list

Welcome to the Disney Fam!

please feel free to like and leave a comment if this helps šŸ™‚

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