How to be a Good Disney Guest

Do Not Disturb!

Alright Disney Resort Guests! Let’s talk about do not disturb/room occupied signs. I understand that you use these signs for privacy and please do to alert resort cast members that you are trying to rest or in the shower… things we definitely do not want to interrupt. But I have a feeling ya’ll throw those signs on the door the second you walk in and don’t take them off until the day you leave. But what if I told you could be blocking some magic from coming your way?

Many people have gifts delivered from Disney Floral and they’re expecting them to be in their room when they get there (which they rarely will be… but that’s a whole other story). But so many people receive flowers, cakes, and even amazon packages from their loved ones to help make their trip more magical. But after walking all the way to your room with a singing balloon I have to return to the front desk trying to keep that sucker from going off every other min. Of course we will make an effort to reach you and deliver it again but sometimes those gifts get returned–I’ll admit I find the how to listen to a silent voicemail kind of confusing sometimes.

I LOVE making magic, it is one of my favorite things I get to do!! I love having a genuine and amazing experience with a guest and making an effort to make their vacation perfect. I love working with my other magic makers to create the perfect experience and I don’t even usually get to tell the guest I did it. I definitely never do it for the credit, but I wish they would come back and say something just so I can hear what they thought of it!

I find it funny how everyone loves, and I mean LOVES, to find gifts in their rooms. They love the magical experience of finding balloons, cakes, Mickey ears, and other magical things in their rooms. Yet the thought of someone being in their room is horrifying. I get it you don’t want someone entering your room to see your clothes thrown around the room and even the idea of a stranger being in the room with your stuff–but how do you think that plush Mickey got in your room? Because it doesn’t just materialize there through the door!

So many people request magic for their special occasions (which when you ask for magic it is so much less magical… but that is beside the point of this post) and yet they will put up the DO NOT DISTURB sign. It is strange how few people realize that when you put that piece of paper on the door you are blocking cast members from knocking and/or entering your room–including housekeeping, maintenance, or front desk (with the exception of threats to safety.)

I am NOT saying that every guest will have something delivered to the room. Thousands of people choose to celebrate their life with us at Disney and it is impossible to make extra magic for all, but we love when we get to!! And next time you put the room occupied sign on the door I bet you’ll wonder if you blocked yourself from getting some magic ;).

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