DCP acceptance



Did you get it? Congratulations!

Now that you have accepted the offer for the DCP the time will fly by and there is a lot to get done!

First thing’s first: accepting the offer

You have a little longer to do this step than anything else in the application process, but let’s be real… if you applied for the DCP (and you’re reading this) you’re not going to turn down the chance to work for Disney no matter where they put you.  That being said, do this ASAP.

Alright now that we got the technical stuff done started, let’s finish it.  After the initial acceptance link, you will need a credit card to bill the first couple weeks rent to.  Once you have completed the acceptance you will continue to receive emails from Disney reminding you to do some things (read them in their entirety, some of the paperwork is a little hard to find).  In one of the emails there will be a link to the new hire paperwork, it is crucial you finish this before you arrive at housing.

Within the acceptance you will select a date to move in and then the crazy count down begins.

As it gets closer to the date of your move in you will receive many emails to give your housing preferences, new hire paperwork, your housing assignment, work assignment, and finally your itinerary for your first week.

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