Life Worth Living

Finally, a New Car

When I was 17 I gave my mom two thousand of my hard earned lifeguarding dollars to put toward buying my little red car that would later be named Bieber. My parents helped me buy the rest of it and I was mobile!

Bieber as a baby.

He was a 2007 with push down locks, crank windows, and a manual transmission. This car saw me through high school and college. He’s lived in 2 states and parked outside 7 residencies that I have called home at one time or another. I’ve had to replace the radio and the speakers (what can I say, a good song makes a drive better). I’ve learned how to change all the headlights, tires, and oil (doesn’t mean I wouldn’t let someone help me but I CAN do it). This car has been good to me for nearing a decade, and now he belongs to someone else. It is someone else’s turn to name him and take him for midnight milkshake runs, take him to Disney a hundred more times, and find new friends to confuse with the crank windows.

In June, I bought Bieber a lil sis (?). She’s shiny and new, and I still struggle to find her in a parking lot sometimes –it has gotten a lot better since I put the Carolina branding on it. It was quite an experience purchasing my first car all on my own. I had to find my car, get my funding, open a new account with a credit union, get checks from my bank for the credit union, get a check from the credit union for the car, and find insurance. (Thankfully my license plate was done at the dealer!) And at the end of it, I got a new car, a new payment , and a new sense of being an adult.

the old meets the new

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