Life Worth Living

The Ultimate Betrayal

From the day they enter our lives, we love them.  We lavish them with scents and make sure they always look pretty.  We keep them maintained, making sure they never miss an appointment.  Which makes it all the more spiteful when they just give up on us.

Our cars are the most temperamental relationship many of us have ever experienced.  We can’t usually buy them outright and have to set up payments and while we are working on the payments they have to be maintained.  We have to get oil changed, tires rotated, and batteries replaced–and all of that before we even finish buying them!  You tell me what other material good you would put money into repairs before you own it (other than a house that is)!  But further than us putting in what we HAVE TO, we buy air fresheners, get car washes, buy seat covers, steering wheel covers, and we love upgrading the sound systems to our desires.

We pour our heart and wallets into our babies which makes the betrayal all the worse when they decide to stop doing their 1 job which is to get you from point A to point B over and over again.

All this said, I have had my car since my senior year in high school and I am now 24… He’s been a good car (yes my car is a boy). He has seen me through 2 graduations, 4 jobs, 7 homes, 2 radios, and lived in 2 states. I have loved my car but it is definitely time for a new one… If I can decide what the heck I want (car shopping coming soon).

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