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Be Our Guest

“Hey! Did you do anything fun today?”

Well funny you should ask, my roommate and I went to the Be Our Guest restaurant in Magic Kingdom!

Walking up to the restaurant is beautiful, the interior impeccable, and the food … well let’s just say the grey stuff REALLY is delicious 🙂

FullSizeRender 5.jpg
We chose a table in the corner near a window and so glad we did, this view was incredible and the detail out the window was great (there was even “snow” falling)

(all pictures are in order of what you walk up to)

the verdict:

Definitely worth it!

Everyone knows it is hard to get a reservation for this restaurant (however I booked the night before) my tips to getting in:

  • check 24 hours before you want to go because there are probably cancelations you can slide in on
  • be willing to take “odd” dining hours such as EARLY breakfasts, “late” lunches, and even later dinners.  We had an option between 11:15 in the morning and 1:50 in the afternoon–we chose the later. (don’t worry, the grey stuff is available at breakfast lunch and dinner)
  • we were 10 minutes late for our reservation and it wasn’t for lack of RUNNING (we left our apartment at 1 and were late for a 1:50 rsvp… let that sink in).  Make sure you allow yourself ample time to get from parking to main gate to the restaurant.  I suggest at a minimum 1.5 hrs.

Breakfast and Lunch are considered “quick service” and Dinner is table service– I would like to go back for a table service meal (as the menu is a little more extensive and I think it will add to the experience)

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