D.C. planned

This is a spreadsheet I made for a Washington D.C. trip I was taking with 2 of my best friends.  When I asked for them to send me some ideas of what they wanted to do one of them replied, “you pick” while the other said, “the Smithsonian!!” little did she know how HUMONGOUS the Smithsonian and all its branches are.  Lucky for them, I found making this plan fun, and I now I am sharing all my research with y’all


Washington DC

Our biggest snag in the trip was that it was quite a bit colder than we had originally planned!  So our schedule actually went as follows:

day 1:

ROAD TRIP!, we checked into our hotel somewhere around 6 and went to dinner at a local burger and shake place around from the Capitol Building. Our original plan was to call it an early night and hit the museums and monuments EARLY, but since we got there and the weather was supposed to take a nose dive in temperatures we decided to go to see some of the monuments including the Lincoln and Vietnam.  We stayed out until 5 min before the trains stopped running… which was a very stressful end to our first night (we should have just called a frickin taxi).

day 2:

late start because one friend woke up with an ear ache, TO THE MINUET CLINIC! we finally made it out and to brunch and the postage museum (that we spent longer in than expected–there are free souvenirs to get here including old stamps and some postcards) then to the natural history museum and then the holocaust museum (that we had purchased our tickets early online that morning).  We stayed until closing and then went to our hotel to warm up… it snowed on us walking between museums and I was in the equivalent of a wind breaker… SO BAD.  We went to King Street Blues for dinner.

day 3:


Started with coffee at the conveniently located Starbucks right outside our hotel and headed to the National archives at 9.  From there we went to the American
History Museum and then made our way to the monuments we missed (FROZE).  We received a recommendation to eat at Old Ebbitt Grill, all I can say is make a reservation.  It is definitely THAT good.  It was definitely an expensive last night for us, but it was WELL worth it (and the 2 hour wait we were told at the door).  We decided to wait out the 2 hour wait because it was too cold outside and we had no other plans and I am so glad that we did.  I ordered the Cannelloni di Casa, and it was definitely the best food at the table ;).  We also ordered some drinks for the crazy trip we had was coming to a close… only thing was “fancy mixed drinks” are not very mixed… with little in our stomachs all weekend we were quite drunk all of 10 minuets at the table– classy right?

day 4:

Homeward, to plan the next trip 🙂

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