How to be a Good Disney Guest

Ask a Cast Member

The best advice I could ever give is ask and listen to the cast members, please.

We are a wealth of knowledge on all things Disney (Disney attractions, the My Disney Experience App, Disney Dining Plan, Safety).  Listening to cast members can be anything from: listening to them when you’re asked to walk in the parking lot or them telling you what lane you parked in, listening to the order being called so you know that it is yours, listening to the cast member tasked with wrangling the line for photo pass, and when we ask “how are you?” “what was fun today?” please don’t reply with “I’m an Annual Pass Holder” or “Dining Plan”.  Please just listen to us as cast members we want to be treated as humans.

People think the only way to get more out of a trip is to complain, and sure if something is wrong we will do our best to rectify the problems–but my Mom has always said “if someone is complaining about [the food] you shouldn’t offer them more of what they’re complaining about”, therefore if you are after “free stuff” I am really not likely to give it to you if you’re complaining.

If there is a problem, we actually WANT to fix the problem, not just throw a fast pass at you.  But if you’re nice to us, we are so much more willing to bend over backwards to help make your trip magical–we will make as much magic for you as we can!  Just listen to us, please.  Listen to the warnings and listen to instructions, listen to our tips and tricks, listen to your room number, listen to the place you pick up those refillable mugs, and listen to our excitement when you actually bother to listen.

this is the view from a “park view” room at the Contemporary Resort

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