Stop Stressing Inspections

Since I moved into Chatham in June I have gone through 2 inspections.  Just like everyone else I was freaking out about the first… ok fine, both of the inspections (I blame it on me not being awake to hear what they said when they inspected the first time.)  So here I am to tell you don’t sweat it!  But also, don’t be a slob!  When the second inspection came around I had just rolled out of bed, still in my pj’s and my bed was not even made (neither were either of my roommate’s if I remember correctly).

With another inspection around the corner for us CP’s, here is what I suggest you do before inspections:

  1. clean your toilet- and clean it frequently before inspections (I had cleaned mine 4 days prior and the black gunk had built up from Orlando water enough to dock me a point–the only point we lost on the second inspection).
  2. take out your trash! Make it a habit to take it out every night (especially if you have a lot of roommates).  Several of my friends have been in competitions with their roommates as to how many Dominos boxes they can stack up but resist! Just take out the trash.
  3. vacuum- when the notifications come out, vacuum… you should be fine otherwise.
  4. wipe out your microwave- for whatever reason they care a lot about this.  It was the only thing we got docked on in the first inspection, and they checked it profusely in the second.
  5. do your laundry- I know it sounds like overkill but doing your laundry gives you motivation to put it away and having it put away insures it isn’t on the floor 🙂
  6. dishes- wash and put away pots and dishes. I don’t know how much they care about this because I’ve never had any in the sink when I got inspected but I have a feeling this is something they would CARE about.

Okay people, are we good?

This is what my apartment looked like after PASSING a 3rd inspection:

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