How’d We Get Here

In a conversation I had with a guy who asked the dreaded “how much do you like me?” I was stumped with how to reply because we had only been talking for about a week. ┬áHe looked bummed and said “I thought this was an easy question” I replied, “I am a wordy over thinker, it isn’t an easy thing to answer because…” blah blah blah.

This blog is like the inner workings of my mind, random. I’ve often been compared to an iPod on shuffle and Dug from “Up” SQUIRREL!

The posts will reflect what is going on in my life (such as an internship with Disney, vacations I take, gifts I buy, and the dude who cut me off and then cut back across 3 lanes to make a U turn – I’m looking at you Florida drivers!) and the things I think about at 3 AM when I’m WIDE awake.