Loopy: An Honest Review

No one is big enough to be sponsored here so this is a 100% honest review. I purchased this case about a month ago because I thought it would be good to take on vacation and this is a month using Loopy.

When Loopy warns they ship fast, BOY do they. I ordered my case at 2AM on June 26th, and I received confirmation it shipped at 9AM the same day. The little loopy package appeared in my mailbox 3 days later.

I was suckered in by this pattern on an Instagram ad. And I have to say, I have really enjoyed this case. When I opened the box, I found that the case came with a little silky bag that matched the case. I thought the case for the case was a cute touch and one that I was not expecting (maybe I missed something on the website that said it came with a bag?–but regardless it was a cute surprise!)

So do I recommend Loopy? Not only do I not really fear dropping my phone, but I also enjoy that the loop offers a grip when propped on a treadmill, and a slight prop up when laying on a table. I took this case to the beach, shoved in a pocket, beach bag, and in a cup holder on a golf cart. All these things that have scratched cases and the patterns on them right off and yet it hasn’t showed any scratches at all. BUT…

I have an iPhone XS and I have gotten quite addicted to the wireless charging my phone offers. That being said, I purchased Loopy over a other grip assists because I was convinced through youtube videos and influencers posts that this case did not struggle to charge via wireless charging pads. Now I have found that the case does have some problems using wireless charging. I own 2 wireless charging docks and I tested both– one slanted and one flat. And with a good amount of effort, I was able to make my phone charge. But it easily can be bumped off the charger or push up the loop just enough to cause it to stop charging. I woke up to a dead phone a couple times on my week at the beach, which isn’t ideal in average life however felt worse since I was playing DJ at the beach.

So should you buy a loopy case? If wireless charging isn’t available to you or not important to you… YES. this case is a must buy. Not only have I not dropped my phone while using this case, I also feel it is well protected for if I do.

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