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How to Find a Husband

10 Easy Steps to Finding YOUR Husband:

  1. Go to one of your favorite places, one where you feel at ease and in some control.
  2. Take a look around, maybe take some time to take in the new cups or curtains… distractions from what you’re about to do, maybe, but still fun.
  3. Then find yourself your favorite wine or maybe a new lager if you’re feeling adventurous… again another distraction… don’t get intoxicated, you’re on a mission!
  4. Once you decide you’re ready to find your hubby you have to think about what color you want.  FYI: Dark colors are much more modern 😉 .
  5. Now that you have a color in mind start considering the firmness. They need to have strong arms, so much more comfortable to fall asleep on and they won’t lose shape from leaning against them too long.  You have to keep in mind you need support, you’re looking for a husband after all… you want support without being too firm.
  6. Make your way over to the couches and start scoping them out.
  7. You need to think of your future, you could be sleeping with this hubby for the next 2-40 years!!  Think of them in your living room, on your couch, and on your bed.
  8. DID YOU FIND ONE YOU LIKE? GREAT! MOVE IN QUICK!  I’m sure other great ladies have their eye on YOUR future hubby.
  9. Now take that suckah to the check out counter!
  10. Live happily ever after!

Sometimes your style changes and you need a new one… (I’m sure you won’t live to regret that fluffy pink zebra print the first time your boyfriend sees it 😉🙄) Or sometimes you feel the need to replace it all together, they get flat or the dog claimed it as their own and that’s fine too.  Repeat steps 1-10 until you find your forever… or at least for now 😉

But here is a link to some best sellers on Amazon if your favorite place (listed in step 1) is your bed on your computer.

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