Tips & Tricks

The 10 Friends You Make at the DCP

1. Your Clone

(s)he’s like you in EVERY single way, down to the fact that you both like the same Disney princess and both took Italian at your school.

And if you’re lucky, they’re your roommate!




2. The NICEST person you have EVER met

this person bends over backwards to make sure everyone is included! She invited you to your first after work steak and shake and friend park day (apart from your roommate). Even when they are the most beautiful person you’ve ever seen you aren’t jealous because she deserves to be as pretty on the outside as she is on the inside.  But be wary, if you hurt their feelings in any way shape or form… you will have ALL of their friends coming at you! And they are sooo super excited about life that they make you super excited to see them.

3. The Bus Rider

you see each other on the bus every day and say you should hang out, but 2 months in… you still haven’t done it… awkward

4. The Wellness Reality Check

you can’t help your age, whether you’re older or younger, but there is always at least that ONE that is your “wellness” reality check because they’re the baby of the group.   You then proceed to make the face dear Philip is making when he met baby Aurora upon remembering the baby when you want to get Margs in EPCOT

5. The One(s) with the Accent

Not all of us can master another language like Dory, therefore we have to get used to the awesome accents (and language barriers) that come with working around so many awesome people.

with SO many ICP friends there is always that one that you really have to dial in to understand, even if English is their FIRST language.  Some accents with their colloquialisms just make it down right impossible to communicate without a few “huh’s?”

6. The one Obsessed with Pin Trading

this friend would literally choose to purchase another $15 pin than to eat that day… they’re also the one who is always complaining they don’t know where all their money went.

7. The one who Takes All the Pictures

I should have worked in photo-pass

guilty– I take a lot of pictures but hey I don’t see you complaining about your new Facebook profile picture!

I want to remember 4 parks 1 day

I want to have pictures to show all the locations I watched MK’s fireworks from

I want you to remember me and I want to remember everyone I’ve met

I always want to remember the time a lady sat down next to me on the tower of terror and apologized for her screaming… in advance!  And the picture was just of us holding our phones up to record the mayhem.

8. The one who Picks up ALL the shifts

yeah yeah, as CP’s we are here to work.  But I need to sleep and have a social life too!

the friends who pick up shifts are always busy and don’t really understand the people who don’t want to pick up shifts elsewhere… 2 words finding costuming… I will admit finding the new costume and the new backstage has kept me from picking up shifts.

9.  The one who is Always Asleep

You need her prince’s number on speed dial because if she isn’t at work she is asleep, missing all the fast passes you made!

the only thing this friend is never… or at least rarely late to is work.  And you’re still not sure how that is possible because they miss the plans you make all the time.  Forget about those 10:15 AM fast passes for Tower of Terror, you won’t make it until noon long past their expiration date, if you wait for them.  its their 4th cup of coffee and they still fell asleep on Ellen’s Energy Adventure (who hasn’t after the first ride…)

10.Work Family

Though I made many of these friends through work I wanted to point out that your location family has the ability to make or break your experience with the DCP.  Don’t be a fire starter and don’t be shy.  Everyone was once in your shoes and we are always looking for new park friends!  Be the shining star you made the interviewer think you were, and you will be fine… no you will be MORE than fine, you will have fun.  No one will understand you or your struggles more than a work fam friend!

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