Park Crafts

Mickey Ear Collection

*this isn’t a how to, but I can do them if there’s interest!*

I have made so many Mickey Ears, it’s a problem… somehow I managed to keep only 6, GO ME!  (The maleficent ones are my newest and they have green lights that go all around the ears and the horns)


I share these with my roommates too, because I’m nice 😛

The yellow wire ones are my personal favorite (and only partially because they light up!

Both the red one and the green one (with purple bows) are Ariel inspired

the garnet and black in the bottom right corner is collegiate inspired, Go Cocks!

Not pictured are my: tangled inspired, non-lighted maleficent, frozen inspired, “peasant Belle” inspired, Clemson purple and orange, and lastly 2 different Cinderella inspired that I made for people


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