Best Gifts/Purchases for College

  1. fan – get a fan not only will you be “cool” but white noise will save your life if you get a loud roomie
  2. rain boots – I dunno what to tell guys because y’all really don’t have an option for these amazing things outside of work boots but when you gotta cross campus in the rain a good raincoat and rain boots have been the BEST purchases, BETTER THAN AN UMBRELLA because these are bulky and hard to find a place to put them when in class.  **make sure they are comfortable
  3. a tablet – your freshman year you are taking busy classes and you will most likely change your major don’t bother getting a good computer your first year (also most 1st year professors hate them in class) a tablet will save your neck (invest in the computer later) buy the best for the money computer until you’re settled in your major.  I chose a Dell for my first major but when I changed I switched to mac (it also happened that mac worked better on my campus and for the pictures and video I cared more about than for quality of programing or anything else).
  4. a good book bag- as pricey as they can be its so much better to have the nice book bag that will last and keep your back from hurting when you’re crossing campus if you decide to take that chunk of a laptop to class.  Make sure there is a laptop space in your backpack regardless of if you plan to take it to class because it will HURT your back if it isn’t there.
  5. to go coffee cups and kurig – as much as your roommate will try and tell you she will buy the next round of coffee, it is just easier to make your cup and keep your k-cups out of her reach and the togo part do I really need to explain why togo cups are amazing?
  6. a change purse- LAME I KNOW! but I mean one of those with the card slot, they are amazing when it comes to meter money and garage passes just leave it in your car (actually, when I lived on campus I used it with my student ID and room key with the meter money to keep from carrying everything important)
  7. fuzzy blankets – especially if you’re the cold nature one in a house with hot heads its not worth the fight on the thermostat (not to mention apt heat systems tend not to be the best)
  8. a good winter coat – lets face it weather you lost or gained the freshman 15 you probably don’t fit your high school clothes anymore and we are at the point we are going to need nice clothes go to job interviews and just make ourselves feel better when we are not feeling getting out of bed… unless you’re going to Florida… then skip that!
  9. a camera – your phone is great for taking pictures of your friends being stupid at a tailgate but don’t forget to take pictures you can actually share with people and maybe a high quality Cannon isn’t for you but your phone won’t take the pics you want to hang up in your room or your future house

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